Murals for adults / trompe l’oeil

Murals are not just for kids! Man has been painting images on his walls since we lived in caves, and there’s no reason to stop now.

Rooms can be transformed to convince you that you’re under the sea or under the stars. A view of a favourite scene can transport you to anywhere or anytime, creeping ivy around a window or door can merge the outside with the inside and a trompe l’oeil of peeling paper could even reveal a ‘masterpiece’

Painted panels

If you don’t fancy the permanence of a painted wall there’s always the possibility of a painted panel. The view through a louvred window shown here was painted on an MDF panel to be mounted on the wall with the advantage that it can be moved to another location if necessary. The ‘Shaun of the Dead’ panel was framed to be hung as a mock pub sign in a games room (and featured the owners as the two main characters!) whilst the 4ftx4ft ‘VeeDub’ Camper Van was painted for a teenage Volkswagen fan who plans to take it with her when she goes to university!

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