Murals for Adults and Trompe L’Oeil

Murals are not just for kids! Man has been painting on his walls since we lived in caves and there’s no reason to stop now.

A view of a favourite scene can transport you to anywhere or any time. 

A ‘trompe l’oeil’ (or trick of the eye) can create the illusion that you’re looking through a window that isn’t really there, it can make room appear larger by giving the impression of more space.

Painted Panels

A mural on a single wall can be a focal point and an alternative to painting the wall is to have a large panel to fit the space available.  Pictured is a 6ft x 6ft mdf panel featuring a life size Tiger! It was painted for the Garden Tiger Public House in Harlow, Essex and is quite stunning with some added plants and down-lights.

A large panel painted with a VW Campervan
A pastiche of an iconic painting

The VW Camper shown here is painted on a panel which the teenage owner took with her to university

The owner of this kitchen wanted something different and quirky - use the arrows for more views of the chef and typography

A fun thing to do is create the effect of something unexpected. Here wallpaper appears to be peeling - revealing a painted wall 

A wall painted with simulated sandstone
painted creeping ivy around patio doors
A realistic painting of clouds transforms a ceiling

Pictured above are some examples of decorative effects painted to give a distinctive look or feel to a room. 

On the left is a mock sandstone effect which can transform a room giving it an antiquated or grand look. 

The ivy painted around a pair of patio doors brings the garden into the house, merging inside and outside spaces. On the right is a painted cloud effect, sometimes painted in children’s nursery rooms as cotton wool type clouds however these are painted in a more realistic way, again bringing the outdoors inside.

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