A facsimile of a famous painting



Murals by Wallworx is based in Chelmsford, in Essex,

from where I travel to homes, schools and commercial premises to transform them with fabulous hand painted murals.

Children’s themes or sophisticated ‘trompe l’oeil’ painted

on the walls of your home, business or school can create a stimulating environment, or a calming one.

About this website

Please view the photographs here and on the next few pages, they represent some of the murals I have created and hopefully may give you some ideas.

Murals can change our surroundings in a unique way, so whether you decide to employ Murals by Wallworx’ talents or a muralist closer to your home or business, the limits of our imaginations are the only restriction!

As can be seen from my portfolios, popular characters, sports themes or the natural world are all an inspiration to create wonderful places to work, play, eat or sleep in.

A close up of a large mural of the English countryside

Murals by Wallworx is rated at No 2 from 91 UK Mural Design Companies 

based on reviews received on FreeIndex


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