Large mural depicting the countryside


School Murals

Murals by Wallworx has been fortunate to be asked to paint murals at several schools. Kings Road School in Chelmsford, Essex had a corridor filled with hand-painted Nursery Rhyme scenes. 

Coppice Primary School, Chigwell, Essex, was of the stories by Julia Donaldson., featuring The Gruffalo, Monkey Puzzle, Zog, Room on a Broom and The Scarecrows’ Wedding.

The Spring section of a Four Seasons school mural
School Mural, The Gruffalo
School Mural, Monkey Puzzle
School Mural, Scarecrow Wedding
Julia Donaldson School Mural
School mural The Stick Man
school mural Room on a Broom
Coppice Primary School Mural

King’s Road

Unlike the Julia Donaldson scenes, the nursery rhymes painted on a corridor wall at King’s Road School were all original images designed by me. 

School Mural, Chelmsford
School mural Nursery Rhyme theme
Owl and the Pussycat school mural
Kings Road School mural Mother Goose
Humpty Dumpty School Nursery Rhyme mural
School mural Jack and the Beanstalk
Kings Road school children and Mural

Very recently I completed the largest mural I have painted to date: a wall 17 metres long x 3 metres high! The theme was the English countryside and it was divided into 4 sections; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 

The Summer section of a four Seasons School mural
The Autumn section of a Four Seasons Elmstead Market School mural
The Winter section of Elmstead Market School Mural
Panoramic view of the whole mural Elmstead Market School

The mural pictured above was painted for Market Field School, Elmstead Market, Essex and was commissioned by Leonard Cheshire Charity. It is completely original and was designed to be educational as well as decorative and features various animals and birds, many not immediately apparent!


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