While character based murals are ideal for younger children, older ones often prefer something reflecting their interests or pastimes, particularly their favourite sports or teams. Murals by Wallworx has created football themed bedrooms featuring favourite player’s shirts painted in a very realistic way with the child’s own name on a shirt alongside those 

of their heroes.

This can be particularly effective when combined with ‘off the shelf’ items such as borders and bedding and appropriately coloured walls as seen in the Manchester United room or the Chelsea one. 

A large hand-painted Team badge can complete the scene.

Chelsea FC badge painted in a Chelsea themed room
Chelsea mural featuring players and badge
Hand painted Chelsea FC Badge
Hand painted Arsenal FC Badge
Mural featuring the badge and players of Chelsea F.C.
Hand painted football shirts in a Chelsea themed bedroom
Hand painted shirts in a Manchester United themed room
Crowd mural in an Ice Hockey practise room
Ice Hockey crowd mural
mural of an Ice Hockey Crowd
Mural featuring Ice Hockey Fans
Ice Hockey Fans crowd mural

An unusual mural completed recently was that of a cheering crowd of spectators around an Ice Hockey rink


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